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Due to the shortened length of the modules, it can be transported along the narrowest country streets. Large windows give you more intimacy with the surrounding nature. Thanks to terraces on both sides, there is now more storage space for garden utensils. Ideal as a hide-away cabin or guest house. In the future, you can easily expand its area to 38 m².
External dimensions (HхWхL): 4.6 х 5.1 х 8.4 m
Heated area: 27 m²
Front terrace area: 9.2 m²
Useful area: 36.2 m²
Built-up area: 42.7 m²
Optional side terrace area: 18 m²
Useful area incl. side terrace: 54.2 m²
Built-up area incl. side terrace: 60.5 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Specifications and cost
- interior finishing
- exterior finishing
- wooden entrance door
- windows
- ground-screw foundation
- electric heating convectors
- heated floors in bathroom and entrance
- 50 l electric water heater
- engineering utilities
- heated water supply riser
- exhaust fan in bathroom
- exhaust pipe in kitchen zone
- switches and sockets
- sanitary ware
- LED lighting
- facade lighting
- front terraces
- rain gutters
- 2m long entance staircase

Price – 11.475.000 tenge

- Mitsubishi Electric VL-100EU5-E air handling unit with recuperator – 295.000 tenge
- Karma Beta 2 Mechanic gas convector instead of electric convectors –210.000 tenge
- side terrase with transparent roof – 1.190.000 tenge
- additional heat insulation: ceiling, walls and floor +50mm – 710.000 tenge
- hinged mosquito nets for windows with access to terraces – 275.000 tenge
Not included in price
- delivery
- installation crew charge for sites further 50 km from production shop
- furniture and accessories
- site utilities
- complete air handling system
- landscaping aroung the house
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